When Might Artificial Plants Be The Best Option?

There is no doubt that plants can enliven any home. Whether it is the verdant green leaves, the attractive colours of flowers, or even the brutal entertainment as household pests are consumed by a Venus fly trap, they have lots of great attributes.

However, there are times when artificial plants can be a very useful thing to have in and around your home, either in addition to those you already have or instead of them. Indeed, there are instances when they will definitely be the best thing to have.

An obvious instance is when you really lack green fingers. As Gardener’s World notes, the issue with many house plants is not watering too infrequently, but overwatering, or doing it the wrong way, which can kill them or at least leave them looking rather sorry.

For those plants that do need regular watering, a major problem may arise if you often spend time away from home, since this will mean you would need to get a neighbour or family member to come around to do it, which may not always be possible.

However, perhaps the best reason to have artificial plants is if you have pets that are in the habit of devouring them.

Not only will this bring a swift end to the plants in question, but it could be catastrophic for your furry friends, as many common household plants are poisonous to some animals.

For example, if you have a cat, plants like lilies, aloe vera, jade plants, snake plants (sometimes known as mother-in-law’s fingers), ivy, hyacinths and amaryllis are all toxic and should not be kept in the house. Some of these are harmful to dogs too.

So, whether it is a lack of opportunities to care for them, vulnerable pets, or just the fact that you haven’t got green fingers, artificial houseplants are a great zero-maintenance, pet-friendly way to get some attractive-looking greenery around the home.