The Strangest Garden Ornaments Ever Seen In Britain

Garden Design. Tile Path In An Ornamental Garden Among Lush Vege

If you are looking for garden ornaments, our range will certainly give you lots of options, but there is no harm in seeing what others have done with their gardens to help you make your choice.

Some may think that ornaments consist of nothing more than a few gnomes, Romanesque statues or bird baths, but there are some rather more unusual ornaments to be seen around the UK.

Among the quirkier ones featured in a BBC Gardener’s World article were a red rose made from recycled metal, a set of wooden mushrooms, woven willow tortoises, a sculpture comprising large rusty metal rings, a brass sculptural sphere and a rusty insect sculpture.

If these stand out as arty and novel, others may seem truly bizarre. Practical Home lists strange ornaments around the UK including a glow-in-the-dark snail, a ‘nosey neighbour’ statue with binoculars, a zombie gnome with glowing eyes, a trio of skulls that, like the monkeys, are in the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil poses, plus a bird feeder resembling a red telephone box.

Sometimes garden ornaments can be quite normal, but in unusual settings, which may be the case if your garden has some unusual features, such as being on a steep hillside, having a stream running through it or it has an odd-shaped footprint.

When considering what ornaments will suit your garden, it is worth thinking about how they might fit in with the style, the dominant plant and material colours and other distinguishing features, not to mention future plans, so they enhance it and do not clash with everything else.

However quirky or normal your chosen ornaments are, they certainly won’t have a stranger setting than those of the most bizarrely located gnomes in Britain, which are located on a ‘garden’ over 50 metres below the surface of Wast Water, the deepest lake in England.