Stock Up On Outdoor Dining Essentials For Spring

Plastic Wicker Table On The Wooden Terrace For Outdoor Dining. A

Most Brits love it when spring and summer finally come round, as we can head outside and start inviting friends and family over for barbecues, drinks or garden parties. 

So before a heatwave takes us by surprise, as it normally does in the UK, make sure you stock up on fresh new outdoor dining essentials for your next soiree. 

Grazing boards

Grazing boards are still going to be hugely popular this summer, so make sure you have a few wooden boards available. As well as displaying cheeses, cured meats, or fruit, you could consider putting out butterboards, dessert boards, anord vegan boards to bring your party into the 21st century. 

Having a range of platters means guests can help themselves to what they fancy, and can keep coming back to refill their plates, so add grazing boards to the wooden kitchen accessories you need to get this spring. 

Dip bowls

Is a party even a party without dip bowls? You might be throwing a barbecue and want to put out some ketchup and mayonnaise for guests to enjoy with their meat. Or you may be serving a charcuterie and salad, and want to have hummus, tzatziki and baba ghanoush alongside them. 

A house can never have enough dip bowls, as they also double up as somewhere to put snacks, such as nuts or vegetable crisps, before the main food comes out. 

Stainless steel straws

Everyone is far more conscious about climate change these days, so make sure your party is as environmentally-friendly as possible by using reusable plates, glasses and bowls. You should also buy some stainless steel straws, so guests don’t have to throw away the plastic straw after sipping on their mojito or pimms. 

The metal straws are easy to wash and can be used again and again, helping you do your bit for the environment. 

Salad bowls

It is always important to serve a salad at a garden party, whether it’s a delicious tomato pasta dish, a fruity Moroccan couscous, or a fresh Greek salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese. 

As it is cold, light and fresh, guests are more likely to heap the salad on to their plates, especially on a very hot day. So make sure you have a stylish salad bowl to serve it in. Don’t forget to get some wooden salad spoons either. 


After a few months of not looking through your garden cutlery, plates and glasses collection, you might discover you are missing lots since last summer. Glasses might have been dropped and smashed, there are not enough knives and forks, or bowls and plates do not match.  

Therefore, this is the time to go out and get a new collection of tableware for your outdoor dining. 

You can get melamine plates and bowls that won’t shatter if dropped and can be easily washed; plastic wine glasses that look just as good as the real deal; and colourful jugs that you can fill with fruit punches for the adults, and juice for the kids. 

Lolly-makers are always a good idea too, so you can make fresh fruit lollies for the children to enjoy after their food.