How Not To Take Care Of Your Garden In A Heatwave

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Summer heatwaves can bring out a lot of emotions in different people, from those that want to embrace a bright summer’s day to those frustrated when hosepipe bans or excessive baking sunlight thwarts plans to brighten the garden.

However, the rules for keeping a garden looking good during spikes in temperature are different and often counter to expectations, which leads a lot of well-meaning gardeners to make decisions with their garden decor that are somewhat counterproductive, to say the least.


Overcompensating With Water

Typically with heatwaves come hosepipe bans to save water typically used for drinking, which can often lead to thirsty-looking lawns. However, do not be too hasty with your first water after a ban is lifted.

During a drought, the soil gets solid, compact and more impermeable, meaning that water is far more likely to just stick on the surface. Instead, use a garden fork or aerator to make holes in the ground for the water to flow into.

As well as this, use a watering can filled with the help of a rainwater collector rather than mains water if you can.


Mowing At The Wrong Time

Mowing your lawn adds stress to the grass, which often makes it seek out extra water and can affect the health of the grass, turning it yellow in the process.

If you need to mow and you know a heatwave is coming, mow when the weather is cooler but leave the grass clippings scattered around to provide a sort of shelter for the grass.


Not Moving Pots And Containers

There is not a lot that can be done with a lot of plants during a heatwave, as they are typically planted in a fixed place. However, this is not the case for plant pots, hanging baskets and containers, which can easily be moved into a shady area until the extreme heat has gone.