How Much Should You Spend On Gifts When Attending A Wedding?

home decor - wedding gift

Wedding season is upon us, which means guests will need to start thinking about gifts to buy for their loved-up friends and family. 

The question most people ask themselves before they choose something, however, is how much should they spend. 

According to wedding website Hitched, a single guest typically spends £50 on the happy couple. However, this tends to increase to more than £100 for those in the wedding party or the immediate family. 

Evening guests and colleagues, on the other hand, usually spend around £25 to £50 on the bride and groom, while couples club together and fork out £100. 

How much you spend will also depend on whether it is a casual, traditional or formal wedding, with the latter typically requiring a larger gift. 

Friends going to the wedding together can also pool their money and get something bigger for the married couple.

Many people have gift lists these days, as they tend to live with each other before tying the knot, and already own a lot of household items. 

However, Kylie Carlson, chief executive officer of the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, told Vogue: “If you are close to the couple and are 100 per cent sure that your off-registry item fits the bill, then by all means, do it.”

There are plenty of lovely wedding gifts you can choose from these days. Candles and reed diffusers are always popular, while you can’t go wrong with home decor if you are familiar with the couple’s interior design taste. 

In this case, you could buy ornaments, pictures, photo frames, mirrors, ceramics, or vases that will help them remember their special day.